Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fashion Fix: How To Wear Helene Sweater

See our styling tips for the many shades of the Helene Sweater after the jump!

With the December wind surrounding us, it’s always nice to cover ourselves with a nice warm sweater. Our Helene sweater is definitely the perfect choice for your wardrobe. Plus, the many shades of color options can suit your every mood.

Sweet Lady Grey
The pleats in our Velda skirt is perfect when paired with the Grey Helene Sweater, to make a more sweet and lady-like look.

Grey Helene IDR 269,000; Offwhite Velda IDR 329,000

Billie Jean
For a little masculine yet chic look, pair the Beige Helene Sweater with a simple cropped pants, and pointy platform shoes with socks.

Beige Helene IDR 269,000; Jourdan Pants IDR 329,000

Playful Helene
Pair the Black Helene Sweater with your favorite pair of shorts for a simple and playful look!

Black Helene IDR 279,000; Black Avalla IDR 349,000