Saturday, December 13, 2014

Editor's Picks: Travel Destination Ideas

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Get your passports ready to go somewhere fun this Christmas break!

The year-end break is sneaking up on us, and coming up really soon! Although we know that holiday planning should be done months prior to leaving, there’s nothing wrong with a tad of spontaneity, right? So for those who are still thinking about where you are off to this holiday season, we’ve rounded up the five places to put on your must-see list!

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Paris, France
Ah, the city of lights. Paris will always be on our list! Just imagining spending cold nights with our loved ones, walking along the Seine River, spending the day immersing ourselves in the holiday sale and having coffee at a little sidewalk coffee shop with our favorite book. Sounds pretty perfect, don’t you think?

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Melbourne, Australia
Traveling down under at this time of the year could be the safest bet if you want to get away from the cold winter weather - and Melbourne is the perfect city to spend your end of year break at! The city with the best coffee and art galleries around, you will find something fun to do here. Not to mention it is a culinary heaven!

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Hong Kong, China
Beyond the skyscrapers and the twinkling lights, Hong Kong is a lot richer that just a big city. It’s a city that’s laced with tradition and deep-rooted heritage that can be felt through out. Spending your holiday break in Hong Kong will be an amazing shopping-slash-cultural experience; what more could you ask for?

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Seoul, South Korea
As of late, the Korean wave has been coming through our city of Jakarta. From the K-Pop fever to the Korean dramas, we can’t lie; we couldn’t help but get caught on to the phenomenon. Seeing the beautiful city of Seoul through our TV screens definitely makes us want to go there too! Spending New Year’s Eve on the streets of Gangnam sounds like a ton of fun, wouldn’t you agree?

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San Francisco, California
If one of our favorite shows ‘Looking’ is any indication, San Francisco is a super fun place to live in. But for now we’d settle for just a visit! Imagining the cold winter air looking over the Golden Gate Bridge, it doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend New Year’s Eve up north in California!So, where is everyone off to this holiday season?