Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An Afternoon with Ana Octarina

See what this pretty lady is up to right now!

Ana Octarina, the talented singer is trying her hand at acting - and loving it! See our chitchat with this beautiful lady below to get to know her a little bit better!

Hey Ana! So what have you got going on lately?
I am currently trying my hand at acting; I’ve been doing a couple of feature films and made for TV movies. Just been focusing on acting right now.

Any exciting plans for 2015?
I think I’m just going to continue with acting, I want to be in more films, and obviously learn a lot more. I’ve also been thinking about building my own business lately, but I’m still kind of figuring out what I want to do.

How about holiday plans? Going somewhere this holiday?
I have plans to go to the island Sulawesi Island, actually, around next week. It’s going to be for work - but I could probably steal little down time here and there, so that’s going to be fun!

Oh, sounds exciting! So how would you describe your personal style?
I like wearing black and white; very monochromatic - my whole wardrobe is filled with black and white. But I’m pretty moody when it comes to dressing up, I just like things that are simple and comfortable.

Is there anything that you must wear every day?
Hmm, for me, I always have to wear something black to kind of tie my look together. Especially if I’m wearing something colorful, my accessory has to be black- just to tone it down and neutralize it a little bit.

Where do you get your style inspiration?
I like to scroll through my Instagram, and when I see a look that I like, I just adapt it to my own clothes and see how I can pull it off.

Last one, what are you planning to do for New year’s Eve?
I think I’m just gonna be at home, doing the countdown with my family. 

Photographs by Sabila Anjani
Text by Irvindya Irawan