Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What To Pack: 5 Travel Essentials

© Jo Elaine
It’s the holiday season, people! 

This time of the year is the perfect timing for us to be going on a trip abroad or explore around this beautiful country of ours. When we travel, it’s always good to have our beloved essentials with us at all times; from something that reminds us of home to survival kits that will accompany us on every step of our journey and adventure. See below for our list of essentials when going on a trip!

1.     Cash
It is always an absolute necessity to bring some cash when going on a trip. Because not all places that we go to could accept credit cards! But don’t forget to keep the amount low, as we have to anticipate those nasty burglars during our journeys!

2.     Sunglasses
Never ever leave your favorite pair of sunglasses at home wherever you go - it’s just one of the biggest rules in life!

3.     A good camera
Taking pictures during your journey is definitely one of the most important things to do. A good camera is necessary because you won’t want to miss all the great views - plus, you’d want to show them off to your friends back home!

4.     Itinerary
Even though it is fun to be spontaneous and adventurous during our wanderlust trips, it is always necessary to have an itinerary. It is not like we have to follow through with the itinerary every single day, but it’s always good to plan your days ahead so that you won’t waste precious time during your vacation!

5.     Comfortable footwear
Having a pair of comfortable footwear is absolutely imperative when traveling. Be it a cool pair of sandals when going to a tropical place, or a pair of fashionable yet comfy boots when going to a colder place, it’s very important to have them be comfortable for you to walk a lot on. Because many places that you go to are going to require you to walk a lot, unlike being in Jakarta where you’d go everywhere by car! So it’s very important to have your footwear be comfortable yet versatile, because you won’t want to bring too many pairs of shoes when traveling!