Monday, November 3, 2014

The Three New Hot Spots in Town

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Hello November! The start of a new month could very well mean so many exciting things. This time of the month is the perfect time to go and visit the hottest spots in town, don’t you agree? Because there could never be enough places in town for you and your friends to hangout over good food and good ambience! Have a look at our little review of the newest and hottest places in Jakarta right now!

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1. Sophie Authentique
Many of you are probably already familiar with the predecessor of this quaint little French bakery, Authentique French Bakery in Kemang Selatan. With bigger space that could hold up to 60 guests at one time, this cute new place still has the same charm and authenticity of the initial bakery. Of course, the champion is still their mouth-watering pastry that could transport you all the way to France! Don’t forget to come early in the afternoon, or else you’ll run out!

Jl. Kemang 1 no. 3
Jakarta Selatan, 12730

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2. Baconerie
There is no better way to spend your weekend mornings than having a great breakfast with a good cup of coffee and good company. Baconerie, another hidden gem in Jalan Benda, Kemang, is the ideal place to do all of that in! Tucked delicately in the midst of busy Kemang, the place holds homemade fresh dishes including scones to sausages, bacon, and even the sauces, that will just light up your morning.

Jl. Benda 1C
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12560

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3. Casadina
Italian and Indian dishes are always a personal favorite of ours, and this next restaurant that serves the best of both, is lodged soundly in the grounds of Taman Rasuda apartment building. As the owner and chef, Dina Fattia is used to be trained on Indian and Italian food, one can bet that the food at Casadina will be an infusion of modern techniques with traditional and familiar flavors.

Jl. Epicentrum Boulevard Timur
Tower 17 Rasuna Residence
Jakarta Selatan 12960