Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anne Hathaway Goes Down the Indie Road

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As a critically acclaimed actress in her own right, Anne Hathaway has always been known for larger, more blockbuster films, such as Interstellar, Les Misérables, The Princess Diaries, and many more. This time, Hathaway has decided to surprise us by going down the independent route.

Producing the movie with her husband Adam Shulman, Hathaway shines in her new movie, called Song One, who was also directed by her best friend Kate Barker-Froyland. The movie itself tells a story about Franny, played by Hathaway, an archaeologist who was forced to return home to New York City after learning the news that her younger brother was involved in a serious accident and fell into a coma. While her brother remains in critical condition, she begins reading his journal, visiting his favorite spots, and recording familiar sounds to play to him. During her journey of getting to know her brother’s favorite things, she meets his favorite singer-songwriter, James Forester (played by British poet and musician - and total heartthrob - Johnny Flynn). Long story short, Franny and James fall in love, and everything seems to be going well until James has to go back to the UK.

Ah, this sounds like the perfect film for a rainy day. Can’t wait to watch the movie - and we'll be sure to have a box of tissues prepared next to us, as this one seems to be a tearjerker.