Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Say YES to Morning!

It has been said before, that the early bird always catches the worm. The old saying basically means that it is always better to be wake up early in the morning rather than to be a night owl and sleep until late. To do that though, is definitely easier to said than done! From having trouble sleeping, to simply just having so many things to do at the time, for some people it isn’t all that easy to sleep with appropriate timing. Nevertheless, waking up early has many benefits that can only improve your life. So let’s see a few tips below on how to become more of a morning person!

Wake up and exercise! 
There is nothing better to gear you up for the rest of the day than to exercise in the morning! No need for anything too fancy, a little bit of run around the neighborhood will definitely do! Studies have shown that exercising at 7AM will lead to a 25% dip in blood pressure through out the day, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep as well at night. 

More protein during the day, and dairy at night!
Although protein is great to eat during daytime and will energize you for the rest of the day, it’s not the wisest choice to eat before bedtime. The difficulty in digesting protein can disrupt your sleep cycle. Dairy, however, has a lot of tryptophan, which is a sleep-inducing substance. So to have a glass of milk before bedtime is very much encouraged!

No more naps!
Taking power naps in the middle of the day could be somewhat heavenly. But taking naps that are longer than 25 minutes will make it more difficult to fall asleep at night!

Cut back on those vices
As human beings we all have our vices that we can’t get away from. Be it caffeine, nicotine, or even alcohol; it’s fine to enjoy in moderation. But cutting back on those vices could very well help you sleep better. One of the things that could be done is keeping the caffeine intake to 4-6 hours before bed; stay as far away as you can from nicotine as it the addictive substance in nicotine can cause restlessness and insomnia; and as for alcohol, try to have alcohol at least 6 hours before bedtime, to avoid headaches, night sweats, and nightmares that alcohol can cause!

Set your alarms
Finally the simplest one to do: to set your alarms. And yes, we mean several alarms. It may seem simple, but if you do it every day, one day you might not need the alarm anymore as your body has gotten used to it. Hooray!