Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kirsten Dunst Pokes Fun at Today’s Society

The ‘selfie’ culture that seems to be happening in recent times is proving to be something that stays rather than just a fleeting moment thing. At this day and age, when you see a celebrity in real life, just to get an autograph or simply saying that you met them, won’t cut it. If there isn’t a selfie with the celebrity to then upload onto social media, it didn’t happen.

Collaborating with director Matthew Frost, Kirsten Dunst stars in a short film that depicts our society and culture nowadays. Although seems a little bit harsh, we can’t really deny that it’s pretty true to form.

In the short, Kirsten (as herself) walks out of her house to wait for what appears to be an Uber ride. After waiting on the side of the road for a minute, a car with two teenage girls stopped in front of her, and one of them asks if she was in fact Kirsten Dunst. After reluctantly saying yes, the two teenagers got out of the car and start to take selfies with each of their camera phones.

Well, you can see for yourself what happens after that. May we just add, it won’t hurt to have some manners when asking your favorite celeb for a selfie, or they might frown in your picture!