Friday, October 31, 2014

All Hail the Queen Bee!

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It all started when Destiny’s Child came up to surface during the late 90’s. That time was the first time the Queen of it all, Beyoncé Knowles graced the world with her fabulous presence. Her amazing pipes and attractive demeanor led the group to the top of the charts world-wide. Although it was sad to see the group break up, it was just the beginning of the amazingness that the Queen Bee was about to embark upon with her solo career.

From Crazy in Love to Drunk in Love, we definitely have been a passionate follower of this lady. Not even marriage and having a family could derail this hard working woman’s career - which women all over the world aspire to be able to do. If anything, being with Jay-Z and having Blue Ivy have made Beyoncé all the more successful.

With millions of records sold and sold out arena shows all over the world, and on top of than having a beautiful family, Beyonce is certainly an inspiring woman that every woman in the world seek out to be - including us! We know that you all share our love for the Queen Bee, stay tuned for more of our Beyonce-inspired outfits!

So yes, we too do love you like XO, Bee!