Monday, September 22, 2014

Songstress Crush: Ana Octarina

We as humans, simply couldn't deny the joy of being in love with our line of work. This lovely songstress, Ana Octarina, thinks that music plays a very important role in her life.

I first started singing when...
I was in Princess, it was in the year of 2011. I used to do modeling a lot, but when I found my other passion in singing, I'm trying to give more of my focus on it.

Music means...
a lot to me. Whenever I'm happy, sad or stuck in traffic, music is always there. There are soundtracks for each and every moment in my life.

My favorite music genre is...
pop. I like to listen to John Mayer and Taylor Swift. I'm currently in love with Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories. I'm also a big fan of Raisa and Tulus; their vocals are way too beautiful.

When it comes to fashion, I can't live without...
ripped jeans and my favorite pair of Vans.

In the next five years, I want to...
get married. Hahaha... yes, I really want to get married soon; and not so long after that, I want to give birth to two children.

Photograph by Andra Alodita
Text by Lulu Nisrina
Make Up by Lizzie Parra
Wardrobe by COTTONINK

Ana is wearing Bien Top.