Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Keep Calm & Wear Stripes

Stripes never gets out of the trend and we think you know why. It's casual, it's chic - it's just the perfect pick for everyday wear. There are various different ways to wear stripes, say, with your favorite pair of long white jeans, 'cause why not?

Casual Bag
Ideal for daily activities, a casual bag will compliment the look of your half-sleeved stripe tee and jeans. Red or fuchsia lipstick might be a good idea freshen up your face.
Photograph by Sabila Anjani
Patch, patch!
It was happening in the past and it's still up-to-the-trend in the present, in fact, leather patches never bore us. This time, we got it designed with blue and white stripes - creating a subtle harmony of casual with a twist.
Photography by Alodita

Long White Jeans
Stripes won't be perfect without the company of great pair of jeans. Straying from monotony, we're absolutely obsessed with how Raisa paired the blue top with her long white jeans.
Photograph by Alodita
1. Alodita is wearing Offwhite Malorie 2. Alika is wearing Luella 3. Raisa is wearing Blue Malorie