Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Who to Follow on Instagram

Like a wardrobe to clothes or a library to books, Instagram is the online album to pictures. Either setting it private or public, it's inevitable that people on Instagram must have some favorite Instagram accounts of bloggers or magazines for never-ending inspirations. Everything from fashion to home décor, here's a list of Instagram accounts that you don't need to think twice to tap 'follow'.

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Being in the state where you don't know what to wear is sometimes as irritating as not knowing why your #ootd posts never look as good as those bloggers' out there. Go see Amanda Shadforth's beautiful shots and thank us later.

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So, the case is, you’re posting a beautiful picture of a flower shop and you suddenly lost and have no idea about the perfect caption you should write about it. Visit this account and find the perfect French words that speak for your picture. De rien!

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Trust our words of wisdom and remember this as your mantra: my nails should always be healthy and pretty because bad nails are huge no-nos. Starting from now, always take a good care of your nails and paint them with your favorite nail polish. Need some nail art inspirations? Go follow @wahnails.

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Are you that one person who's always been dreaming of living in a concrete jungle where dreams are made of? Meet @humansofny - an inspiring photographer who captures not only pictures, but the lives of many New Yorkers. The diverse stories of Humans of New York might help you to awaken your wish. 

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In the previous post, we’ve told you that we’re truly, madly, deeply in love with this fashion blogger, Mija. And that’s simply because her feed inspires us to look gorgeous in a super simple outfit. Seriously, whoever loves wearing monochromes should get the reason behind our fondness towards her posts.

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Home sweet home should be yours after @domainehome comes to your daily Instagram feed as they totally furnish your feed with pictures of very neat and pretty rooms. Wait no more 'cause it’s time to grab your tools and decorate your room.