Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We Love: HYDE Kemang

Looking for a new place to do a photo session is sometimes a bit hard to do. It's about the background, it's about the atmosphere - if everything suits our theme and pieces well, we all set and ready to go. 

Located at Jalan Taman Kemang with London’s Hyde Park inspired décor, HYDE clearly becomes one of Jakarta’s most hyped restaurants. That, is one of our reasons to have the photo session of our latest collection Autumn Blues at their relaxed outdoor area last week. When we first came in, it's almost impossible not to fall in love with the charming interior of HYDE.

Coming to a restaurant, though as a part of our job that day, is not completed yet without ordering their special menus. How could we just sit there while our stomach were calling for some delicious treats? Besides, it was already lunch time when the photo session finished and so without any doubt, we did give a try to these eye-catching and scrumptious dishes

Baked Stuffed Mushroom (Appetizer)
Oven baked mushroom would never look as mouthwatering as HYDE’s. After we sliced the mushroom into two, we knew the secret: Parmesan cheese and herbed breadcrumbs. It simply is the perfect choice for sharing with friends. 

Herb Crusted Salmon (Main Course) 
Served with mashed potato, sautéed French beans and lemon beurre blanc, this course is a must-try for those who want to taste a different way to eat salmon. 

Earl Grey Tea Cremeux (Dessert) 
This is our favorite one! Admit it, who doesn't love dessert? We even eat our dessert first before the main course. Feel free to call us weird but, as sweet-tooths, we couldn’t resist ignoring the plate on the table for too long. The point is, it has unique texture consisting of jelly, mousse, cookies, cake and chocolate rings that will instantly melt in your mouth. Infused with earl grey tea, this chocolatey dessert promises you a sweet course experience that you haven’t had before. 

Banana and Passion Fruit Mojito (Beverage) 
After spending hours at the restaurant’s outdoor area, we have four words for this drink: it is so refreshing! No lies. 

Broccoli Mojito (Beverage)
Nothing relieves thirst better than mineral water, but broccoli juice is also a good (plus healthy) choice. It’s a glass of fresh mood-booster!

Photographs by Michael Cools
Make Up by Lizzie Parra
Text by Lulu Nisrina
Wardrobe by Cotton Ink