Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Day With: Diana Rikasari

You probably have never seen a house as lovely as Diana Rikasari's - painted in bright colors and full of pretty decorations. Widely known as a fashion blogger and IWEARUP founder, she definitely must always look good in front of the camera, but that doesn't stop after the camera. She was really looking great when Cotton Ink Team had the chance to hang out at her house and chitchat with her. The good news is, she shared her secret to always look great to us.

Thanks for letting us hang out at your house for this photoshoot. You have a really beautiful house, can you tell us a little bit about the interior and does it connect to your own style?
Thank you. Yes it is, ‘cause I love mixes of patterns, and everything colorful too. Just like the way I dress.

What was your dream job as a child?
When I was young I had a thought of doing gymnastics, but I wasn’t allowed. I was a child who liked to hop and somersault, so I thought that would be fun.

Quick answer: coffee or tea?
Tea. I've never liked and drunk coffee in my whole life. I'm just never interested in its smell and color.

Mention three of your favourite places to hang out in Jakarta.
I love Marche, Plaza Senayan. But seriously, I rarely hang out. For now I often do shopping for my baby. Well, I like to go to Starbucks for tea, and Sushi Tei. I love sushi and ocha.

Can you tell us what song that always puts you in a good mood and why?
Lisztomania by Phoenix, ‘cause I really like its heavy tunes.

What you'd like to do or have in the future?
I have a lot of plans for the future. I want to have another baby and continue my education in fashion. I previously studied industrial engineering and international business, so now I’d love to major fashion as I want to expand my personal shoe lines Up and Pop Flats.

How do you maintain to look good? I mean, you’re a mother now and you still look gorgeous and as young as usual.
It’s maybe because I’m an easygoing person. I never make anything becomes so stressful, and I always have positive thoughts about life. Those things are probably the keys to make myself look happy.