Monday, July 21, 2014

A Day With: Andra Alodita

No matter how hot the weather outside, cheerfulness was in the air when we interviewed this photographer/blogger, Andra Alodita. She's the kind of woman you would never get bored to talk to - guess what, she laughed a lot! She didn't look less stunning even she just dressed in basic top and leggings. The secret to look as good as her in a casual outfit: statement red lipstick.

Does your personal style connect to your profession as a photographer?
Maybe it's more to my character. I love sweet, cute, and pretty things but not the too-girly things. I probably a kind of casual person, I pick whatever suits the character of the pictures I take. So, I think that character is close to my personal style.

Being a photographer, was it really your dream job as a child or was it anything else?
I was once wanted to be a musician, but then I realized that becoming one is not my passion. Thank God I now have a musician husband. Well, started when I was in high school, I knew that I had to get a job in creative world because I wasn't interested in mathematics or language. I enjoyed cooking and art class a lot back in high school.

Quick answer: coffee or tea?

Mention three of your favorite places to hang out in Jakarta.
Monolog at Pondok Indah Mall. Well, I actually like to spend my leisure time in front of my laptop. But there's another one, gym.

Can you tell us the music that always put you in a good mood and why?
Dance music, like hip hop, because that kind of music makes me feel energetic, it also uplifts my mood.

What would you like to do or have in the future?
I want to have children, make passive income—do and finish my job at home, and one thing that hasn't been accomplished, I want to travel the world.

We really like your outfit, could you give me the details of what you're wearing?
I knew that today's going to be hectic, that I'd do a lot of moves, so I'm wearing Cotton Ink's comfy top, my sport leggings cause I'm too lazy to wear jeans and Staccato sandals.