Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Editor's Picks: Essential Summer Reads

When the long-awaited summer break is just around the corner, it becomes necessary to make a to-do-list to fill your laid-back days. Either having a vacation in a tropical island, an adventurous trip to the mountain or hanging out in your backyard swing chair, good reads are always the pleasant companions for your leisure time.

A small town boy moves in to the big apple with the hope of a life-changing experience. It is a journey of searching for identity and meeting the dream girl.

Back in 1913, a Russian immigrant had to struggle to keep his family together as they were separated in two different countries. Feel his endeavor in defending himself against the black past record that keeps him away for his loved ones.

To escape the tense Manhattan, a little exposure to nature is just the vacation everyone needs. With complicated issues and conflicts, the holiday might be the only way to revive good relationship between any individuals.

With American weddings from A to Z, this book says it all about in-depth wedding observation and culture from a distinctive perspective.

A series of tragedy coming from four different families in Texas, Friendswood tells the story of how one incident turns everything upside down.