Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Trending Diets: Do They Work?

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So, which one could we use to lose all these vacation weight?!

Whether you want to shed off that extra kilo or lose a large amount of weight, this year we’ve seen many diet trends that have been popular amongst those who are willing to make a change throughout their eating habit. We’ve narrowed down that caught our attention.

1. Blood-Type Diet

This diet was designed to navigate different nutritions for each blood type. Experts believe that people with “O” and “B” blood type have different needs when it comes to minerals, nutritions, and vitamins. Not only different blood type but different metabolism also affects your diet. This diet also catagorizes food into three groups: best to consume, neutral, and avoid to consume. Let’s say you are an “O” type. The experts of this diet suggest you consume lots of green vegetables and high-protein food and avoid vegetables such as potatoes, mushrooms, and bean sprouts because their high levels in lectin. The results can only be seen after a long term period.

2. Mayo Diet

The Mayo diet is known for its strict “no salt policy”, because mainly that’s the diet plan. For approximately 2 weeks, those who are exceptionally discipline with this diet must consume healthy food (yes, no fried chicken and fries!) for 2 weeks straight. If by one day you consume a salt-contained food, then you failed this diet. It might take extra time and thorough preparation for every meal of the day. Drinking 8 glass of water also will help the weight loss. Some reports came and said that one can lose 6-8 kilograms after enduring 14 days of Mayo diet.

3. OCD Diet

Ah yes, this diet was the talk of the town back in 2014 and some still uphold this diet. The OCD diet is a method where one eats during an interval given. When the time interval is closed, eating is prohibited – in other words you’re kind of fasting. Though you are allowed to drink, but nothing with a calorie, so think water and natural tea. Besides that, the diet also consist of a 7 minute workout that one must do to help build muscle mass and shed off the fat. The results varied. Some manage to lose up to 20 kilograms in a months, and others can lose less. While it might be extreme to fast up to 16 hours, those who are in a hurry to reach a certain weight can try this method. For a long term weight loss, the results varies depending on the person. 

4. Mediteranian Diet

This diet focuses on healthy and highly beneficial food. The Mediteranian diet helps those to lose or to maintain weight for a less extreme plan. Mainly, one must really be thorough in finding the right food (carbs, protein, and good fat) to enhance your meals. Fresh fruits, veggies, lean meat, olive oil, fish; cooked in a healthy way is the basic for this diet. Bottomline, this diet prfioritize on balance in serving and intake.

5. Weight Watcher's Diet

The weight watchers diet is having an all time high in today’s society. More people each year are beginning to measure their calories intake by weighing each food group (the carbs, the protein, the veggies). This diet is one way to maintain a healthier lifestyle and avoid eating out or consuming junk food. The tricky part is eating accordingly to your body (weight, height, BMI etc.) by measuring each time you cook a meal. Not to worry, today, the food and catering business is flourishing; many caterers can help you with this diet by having them plan and count your calorie intake for every meal.

We can’t say we haven’t tried some of the diets above. Some do work and some don’t, it all depends on our metabolism and how our body work! Long term weight loss will need persistence and patience, while short term diets might only shed off the water weight.