Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Turn Your Post-Holiday Blues Into Productivity

It's time to get back to work with more energy! 

Holidays are tricky. We always love them, look forward to them from weeks before, and cherish them while they're happening. The thing is though, holidays aren't permanent. And why would we want to have permanent holidays, too? Where's the fun in that, right?

So we have come up with a few ways to get your head back in the game and turn your holiday blues into productivity! 

1. 'Life begins after coffee'

And true that! Although caffeine may not be the best thing to be put in your body, a cup of joe every morning really does have an effect to how you approach your day going forward. To re-energize and of course, get you excited for whatever it is you have coming up in the day. 

2. Plan your outfits

So yes, it's probably a known fact that we love fashion and dressing up. Believe it or not, planning your outfits from the night before can really have an effect to how you are going to be the next day. Trust us, there's nothing like being excited about wearing your favorite top with a matching handbag!

3. Music matters!

A great playlist of songs that you can sing along to during the day is definitely something crucial to help you fight those post-holiday blues! On your way to work or wherever you are going for the day, blast that playlist loud and enjoy the moment to energize you for the day!