Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mid-Week Wanderlust: Stockholm, Sweden!

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What can we say, we can't help our wanderlusting minds!

Wednesdays sometimes land us in mid-week blues that we can't help but wander to other lands in another part of the world. This time, we are wandering off to the city of Stockholm in Sweden. See below to see our favorite parts of Stockholm!

1. Gamla Stan (Stockholm Old Town)
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Taking a stroll down the cobble streets of Gamla Stan or what the tourists call the Stockholm Old Town is one of the most necessary things to do when in Stockholm! Not only to take in the view of the beautifully put together streets, we'd even recommend taking a walking tour that is available along the streets to also find out about the historical stories that shaped the streets since the 13th century. It's the most fun history lesson ever, don't you agree? 

2. Chokladkoppen & Kaffekoppen 
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Well, if you're anything like us, we can't pronounce those words either. But to put it simply, one just simply does not visit Stockholm without visiting the cafes along the main streets of Stockholm. Especially during the summer, just off the Gamla Stan, tables with cute table mats will be brought out to the main street square to host the people of Stockholm while they enjoy their coffee and sunny weather. 

3. Modera Museet 
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When going to a European city that is rich in culture and arts, a trip to an art museum is definitely a must! One of the nest museums that can be visited in Stockholm is the Modera Museet where they display the most contemporary artists side by side with the modern classics. From Picasso, to Dali, Derkert, and Matisse; if you're a fan of the arts, the Modera Museet is a definite can't miss!

4. Boat Sightseeing
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Seeing as Stockholm is built off of 14 beautiful islands and connected by 57 bridges, it is sort of a given that the best way to experience Stockholm in its entirety is to get on one of the sightseeing boats! It could be quite the therapeutic experience to just sit on the boat while taking in the beautiful view and the clear waters underneath.